Graphics and Print

The Pletal Campaign

pletaldoctorqa1 pletalpatientqa
pletalslimjim1 pletalslimjim2

PLETALĀ®, a joint product of Otsuka America Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Pharmacia & Upjohn, combats intermittent claudication and lets patients walk farther with less pain. PACE capitalized on this effect by creating the “More Miles Per Lifetime” campaign; a distinctive graphic of this campaign was a pair of worn shoes featuring an odometer. This graphic actually became part of the PLETAL logo, as did the tagline “More Miles Per Lifetime.” As a member of the PACE studio, I worked on the layout and art correction for the PLETAL pieces shown above.

Schering’s “Partnerships Produce” Campaign


“Partnerships Produce,” a corporate outreach effort from Schering/Key, extolled the benefits of physicians and pharmaceutical companies working together and the usefulness of Schering/Key’s Physician PRN program. The handshake was a piece of stock photography that I retouched in Photoshop. I embossed the American Academy of Family Physicians logo on the cufflink of the man on the left; I embossed the Schering Key logo into the cloth of the man on the right’s jacket. Notice the use of one of Schering’s logo colors in the text box at the bottom, creating a branding look that identifies this as a Schering/Key piece. I was also responsible for creating the Physicians’ PRN logo at the bottom right.

Novartis CD-ROM Cover and Label

NovartisCD NovartisCDcover

PACE created a PowerPoint show as an education tool for Novartis. I created the cover and label art for the CD-ROM under the guidance of PACE Art Director Dainius Jaras.

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